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 Post subject: Shu Yun, Combat Trickster (UW)
AgePosted: 2019-Jul-02 7:02 pm 

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Age: Drake
Reins of Power has been a favorite of mind for a long time so I decided to make a deck with similar combat tricks that excel in multiplayer (Illusionist's Gambit, Domineering Will, etc.). White brings some asymmetrical damage preventers. I chose Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest because his instant speed double strike can change combat and because the colors fit. My group doesn't usually use commander damage so one hit kills with Shu Yun aren't part of the game plan.

While the deck can be fun in the late game, it starts with a lot of draw-go and even then it's pretty situational and sometimes flops without doing much of anything. It also lacks a punch, which I've tried to improve with cards like Azor, the Lawbringer and Nezahal, Primal Tide, but I'd like further suggestions.

I'm OK with adding red beyond kicker and hybrid costs but I'd like to keep the manabase relatively simple if possible.

Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest

Combat Effects
Duelist's Heritage
Dulcet Sirens
Orzhov Advokist
Portal Mage
Benevolent Offering
Domineering Will
Entrapment Maneuver
Illusionist's Gambit
Imaginary Threats
Master Warcraft
Reins of Power
Coveted Peacock
Mirror Match
Supplant Form
Boros Battleshaper
Angel of the Dire Hour
White Sun's Zenith

Damage Prevention
Boros Fury-Shield
Encircling Fissure
Riot Control
Selfless Squire
Harmless Assault
Azorius Ploy

Myth Realized
Metallurgic Summonings
Stunt Double
Ojutai Exemplars
Docent of Perfection
Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
Isperia, Supreme Judge
Azor, the Lawbringer
Nezahal, Primal Tide

Card Draw
Chemister's Insight
Illusory Ambusher
Intellectual Offering
Mystic Confluence
Pull from Tomorrow
Blue Sun's Zenith
Sphinx's Revelation

Swords to Plowshares
Dismantling Blow
Orim's Thunder
Wing Shards
Engulf the Shore
Order // Chaos
The Wanderer
Return to Dust
Righteous Confluence
Austere Command
Descend upon the Sinful
Draining Whelk
Sunblast Angel
Planar Cleansing

Ramp and Lands
Sol Ring
Mind Stone
Izzet Signet
Boros Signet
Azorius Signet
Commander's Sphere
Jeskai Banner
Hedron Archive
Dreamstone Hedron
Evolving Wilds
Terramorphic Expanse
Mystic Monastery
Command Tower
Path of Ancestry
Opal Palace
13 Island
12 Plains
1 Mountain

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 Post subject: Re: Shu Yun, Combat Trickster (UW)
AgePosted: 2019-Jul-03 7:48 am 
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Not sure on your style, but the overwhelming amount of instants and sorceries seem like they could support cards like Young Pyromancer, Talrand, or Monastery Mentor as possible ways to translate tricks into presence. (You've already got Docent of Perfection, which serves a similar purpose).

Kykar is a legendary creature in the same colors that fits into the "turning spells into tokens" theme.

I know it's double-red, but Grab the Reins fits into your realm of "combat trick" instants, but at the same time can end up doming someone for lethal with their own Consuming Aberration or Lord of Extinction or whatever...

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 Post subject: Re: Shu Yun, Combat Trickster (UW)
AgePosted: 2019-Jul-19 6:13 pm 

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Age: Drake
I know it's late but I just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the feedback. I don't have a [Talrand] but it seems like a good choice next time I pick up new cards.

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